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Since version 8.1.0, VTK requires the qt5 package.
+Version 8.2.0 is the last VTK suitable for Slackware version 14.2 due to the age
+of some SL-14.2 support packages (ncluding, in particular, cmake).
Some optional additional packages, if detected during configuration, are used
in preference to versions provided in the source code. These packages, available
from, are:
@@ -30,3 +33,7 @@ QT=yes|no (default: yes)
VTK is an optional dependency for the opencv SlackBuild. However since VTK-8.2.0,
it is not suitable as an optional dependency for opencv-legacy. The last suitable
version of VTK for building opencv-legacy is VTK-8.1.2.
+Due to unmet build requirements (in particular, required cmake version),
+8.2.0 is the last version of VTK which is suitable for Slackware 14.2.