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graphics/Blender: Update READMEs regarding CUDA
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@@ -11,3 +11,9 @@ game creation.
CUDA support is included if a CUDA installation is detected at build time.
It may be disable by passing CUDA=no when building e.g.
CUDA=no sh ./Blender.SlackBuild
+Since Blender-2.83.0, SBo's cudatoolkit-8.0.61 is insufficient for a
+successful build. The CUDA handling above remains for cases which may:
+ - use a newer CUDA version toolkit
+ - require the existing cudatoolkit for other purposes
+ (so need CUDA=no for Blender)
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@@ -66,6 +66,10 @@ being available at build time, set the CUDA environment variable to "no"
when running the SlackBuild e.g.
CUDA=no sh ./Blender.SlackBuild
+NB. Blender-2.83.0 and above requires a newer cudatoolkit than available
+at SBo. If the SBo cudatoolkit is nevertheless installed for other reasons,
+please use CUDA=no when running the SlackBuild.
2. the ffmpeg package could/should first be built with additional
features by preinstalling some other packages e.g.
REQUIRES="lame x264