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+Sun Jul 11 15:30:16 UTC 2010
+audio/volumeicon: Added (systray volume control)
+desktop/maitreya: Added (software for Vedic and western astrology)
+desktop/wmdate: Fixed slack-desc
+development/Coin: Miscellaneous cleanups
+development/Pivy: Miscellaneous cleanups
+development/SoQt: Miscellaneous cleanups
+games/gtkballs: Added (clone of Lines - logic game about balls)
+graphics/pinta: Added (simple image editor, a Paint.NET clone)
+libraries/libmemcached: Updated for version 0.42.
+libraries/perl-OpenGL-Image: Added (abstract imaging interfaces)
+libraries/perl-OpenGL-Shader: Added (manage for OpenGL shaders)
+libraries/perl-OpenGL: Added (portable perl binding for OpenGL)
+libraries/unixODBC: Fixed slack-desc
+misc/gnu-unifont: Fixed md5sum
+multimedia/devede: Updated for version 3.16.9.
+multimedia/dvd-slideshow: Added (Creates a slideshow-style DVD)
+network/nagios: Fix symlinks when using an alternative root.
+network/zabbix_agentd: Miscellaneous cleanups
+network/zabbix_server: Miscellaneous cleanups
+system/gpsd: Updated for version 2.94.
+system/grub2: Added (GRand Unified Bootloader)
+system/md5deep: Updated for version 3.6.
+system/sdltrs: Miscellaneous cleanups
Sat Jul 10 07:18:50 UTC 2010
audio/gogglesmm: Updated for version 0.10.24.
audio/quodlibet: Added (Music Management Program)